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Dentyne. My dad always had cinnamon Dentyne and we'd try to sneak some from the pack without him noticing!

Old Vintage Dentyne Gum Packs. I used to get through packs of the red, cinnamon flavoured Dentyne gum :)

We used to use this as a sewing tin a first aid box etc they were always used again and the chocolates were better as well

Vintage Quality Street tin, still have one of these with Christmas hooks in it same as my mum did

Liquorice Catherine Wheels   www.mr-brims.com www.facebook.com/mrbrims

Liquorice Catherine Wheels: loved these especially the centre piece.

i remember these at easter loved jelly tots, still do..

Old school Easter eggs-brings back memories of putting our chocolate eggs in the back window of the car before going for our Easter picnic only to discover they had melted when we got there!

Don't forget the Fruit Gums Mum...loved them...

Don't forget the Fruit Gums Mum. Loved the black ones and hated the green ones.