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The world of wolves. Wolves will defend their food and their pack.


Shut Up!

Sparring Wolves Photograph by Cesar Aristeiguieta, Your ShotA very large juvenile male (white) challenges the alpha male (gray) for control of the wolf pack. Although it faced a formidable challenger, the alpha prevailed … for now.

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beautiful-wildlife: “ Portrait of a Grey Wolf by Instinct Film ”

what a beauty

I like this picture of the wolf because of how it looks so happy running in the snow. I like how the snow behind it is in the air. It makes the photo look like it is in motion.

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I Am a Wolf. Leave Me with m'y familly and be dead somewhere else.

Love Wolves, got the privilege of knowing a Pure Wolf, who was trained in search and rescue, his name...Alpha....he passed several years ago but I will never forget the way he touched my life ( he belonged to a friend). I have tremendous respect for these animals and when your in their presence ( even at a dinner party) don't treat them like a dog lol!

Some of the fiercest animals on our planet caught with incredible beauty by amazing photography. I wouldn't want to tangle with any of these animals.

A good pose, although he looks like he is walking and I want him to be standing at attention.

I wish I could have a wolf living with me.and I would call him Kiba, Kai for a boy or juniper or Rhyna for a girl