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These Abandoned Toy Factories and Shops Will Haunt Your Nightmares

These Abandoned Toy Factories and Shops Will Haunt Your Nightmares

Once these stores and factories sold the stuff of children's dreams, but now that they lie abandoned—filled with decaying displays and disembodied doll heads—they are more likely to inspire nightmares.

The Romanesque style of the church was utilized because it was cheaper than Gothic or Renaissance designs, but St. Boniface is still a beautifully crafted structure. Indeed, Schlacks was lauded for his skill in “recombining the traditional architectural vocabulary in bold and subtle permutations of older styles.” Fortunately, his work will now be preserved for future generations to admire – although after dark we’re not sure we’d be able to appreciate it so much!

Boniface Chicago IL Built in 1904 by Henry J. Schlacks- congregation was made up of German Immigrants.how can anyone let this happen to a beautiful church

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Eerie Indiana: Abandoned Rose Island Amusement Park - Charlestown, Indiana

This photo of the old swimming pool is from my first visit to Rose Island back in January 2009 before it was open to the public.