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11. Thou shalt never sell anything, just in case. | The 10 Commandments of RPGs

The 10 Commandments of RPGs

The 10 Commandments of RPGs. Amen and hell yeah. Gods yes, guilty as charged!

Everybody that played Crash Bandicoot will know that feelling

Everybody that played will know that feeling

Yeah I know except I play for like 12 hours

Mercy for heterosexuals? Everybody is fine!

I especially like the exhausted father and the gamer girl.

People You See At Midnight Game Releases [Pic]

People you see at midnight game releases. I've only been to one video game midnight release, It was kinda fun. But they forgot to add two "Friend who doesn't play the game and is standing in line for other friend" And "Girlfriend that got dragged along"