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#manga  Tonari no kaibutsu kun

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Tamaki x haruhi

not to mention the characters behind them lol! :D ~Ouran High School Host Club

lmao,Haru and his precious chicken. Tonari No Kaibutsu kun

,Haru and his rooster friend. I thought the way that rooster loved him was so hilarious. The one thing that wasn't confused, annoyed or terrified of him. The rooster that shisuku will take care of when haru goes overseas

XD this is awesome...I suppose Kyoya does look like Harry and Hikaru and Kaoru do look like Fred and George.

and kaoru high school host club potter. Wallpaper and background photos of funny host club for fans of Anime images.

I honestly liked this guy, it always makes me kinda happy to see the guy get jealous, not the girl lol

My Little Monster (Mizutani Shizuku & Yamaguchi "Yamaken" Kenji) dude idk why but this is cringy to me

Some local movie has that similar line where a group of gangs makes their own pledge that is loosely based on our national one.

tonari no kaibutsu kun haru and mizutani also called my little monster omg just finished all the episode today watched all the episodes in a day

Perdone, pero le reconozco. ¿No fuimos locamente felices y casados en una vida anterior?.❤

Day Kawasumi x Suiren~ (Hibi Chouchou) I just love how cute they aren't~ they both don't have experience in love, so they get through it together, making mistakes, but they are still strong.