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This might just be a perfect water mill! I actually asked them to turn off the wheel (it works and everything), because it was messing up the reflection a bit. I mean, there was still some reflection, but not nearly as clean and lovely as this. It was a bit of a hard decision to focus on just this mill, since there was this really amazing stone arched bridge right beside it. - Matamata, New Zealand - Photo from #treyratcliff Trey Ratcliff at http://www.StuckInCustoms.com

From scenic hobbiton village in NZ. Photo: Trey Ratcliffe, Stuck In Customs

Georgia, Cherokee County, Sixes Mill (Gresham's Mill) EC Leatherberry on Flickr     Been here several times

Georgia, Cherokee County, Sixes Mill (Gresham's Mill). My great-great aunt, Zora…


“Love has no culture, race, religion, boundaries. It is pure & beautiful like the moon's reflection in a quiet lake.