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splinter-eye:  sisterwolf:Empress Wan Rong

We have a similar dress to this one of Empress Wanrong, who was the wife of Henry Puyi, the last emperor of China, wearing imperial court attire.

Steppe rider in Mongolia #MinoritiesCulture

Steppe rider in Mongolia. Ride a Mongolian horse

Woman from South Mongolian Üzemchin.National Museum of Mongolia Urjanchai, Ulan Bator

Women’s clothes of South Mongolian Üzemchin. [National Museum of Mongolia Urjanchai, Ulan Bator]

Chalcha Woman’s Headdress and Collier, 19th Century, Mongolia. This glorious headdress and collier were once worn by a woman of the Chalcha, a Mongolian Subgroup. They were a sign that this woman was married. They were also part of her personal “savings account” of jewellery.

Mongolia/Halh married woman's clothing/bride receives dowry of clothing & jewelry on her wedding day, marking her new marital status, wealth & ethnic group/skull cap c.