Team Shikamaru by Dranira

As Kikyou was once part of a genin team with Nara Shikaku as her leader, it felt right to have Shikamaru as Obito's team leader.

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Young Love by Dranira

My OC Obito and Mirai Sarutobi have been together since childhood and they end up getting married at a young age.

Hatake Obito by Dranira

This is how he looks during Boruto: Naruto the Movie Obito is the only son of Kakashi a.

моя дичь

Aww there's a baby here and Sakurai is still my anime crush

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Un pequeño niño rubio corría por las calles de Konoha escapando de un… #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad

Might not be the final character, but there you go, precious Banri ^q^ Starts from top left -> right Childhood old) Banri lived in Konoha or.

Kiriban for Tsuranami by MissPecorella on DeviantArt

Kiriban was catched by *Tsuranami It's her Naruto Oc Osae I used much reference for the rats. Kiriban for Tsuranami

Hatake Family by Dranira

This is Kakashi and Kikyou and their son, Obito, before the Last: Naruto the Movie I'm in love with my little baby Obito!

Log, Suigetsu, Mitsuki

Resultado de imagem para boruto anbu--> well I love how this picture looks but.*spoilers alert: he's Orochimaru's

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