Greninja! <3

orangetavi: “ Water Shurikens Greninja from Pokemon. Practicing with coloring styles~ ”

Mega Charizard X Print Mixed media by SushiStudios on Etsy Stunning prints by this lovely artist! Go check out their Etsy shop, their style is beautiful.

Water Shuriken by on @DeviantArt (Greninja)

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Evee's other forms

Evee's other forms


Vaporeon - This is something I would love to cosplay. This design is absolutely amazing!

Probably one of the coolest realistic Pokemon albums I've seen. ( by Simon Gangl )

Probably one of the coolest realistic Pokemon albums. mime is the stuff of nightmares! ( by Simon Gangl…

Resultado de imagen para munchlax sun and moon

Nouvelle forme Alola et Super Attaque Z : les news du Nintendo Direct - Pokémon…

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