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Hisoka, Gon and Illumi - Hunter x Hunter

Hunter X Hunter ♣Hisoka ♥Gon ★Illumi (I love how Hisoka is ACTUALLY nervous for once while Illumi just strikes a pretty pose)

Hisoka Hunter x Hunter | His "Eh...?!? What...?" face was priceless. I laughed quite hard, but then I was like, shit.. A source of his happiness just slipped through his fingers...

Hunter x Hunter ~ GIF of Hisoka finding out that he can't fight the Phantom Troupe leader, Chrollo Lucilfer. I like when Hisoka shows a new expression like this 😭😭😭

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HxH Mobage Cards ~ HxH Pairs part 3 - Still salty about Bleach

HisoGon | Hisoka x Gon | Хисока и Гон

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139142-hunter-x-hunter-hisoka-n-illumi1.jpg (1352×1100)