Why each Disney princess is a good role model. Cinderella: She was patient enough to look after her family even though they were cruel to her. She never snapped and killed them all in their beds :)

Cinderella's carriage

Disney's ''Cinderella'' Fairy Godmother transforms the Mice into Horses, Bruno the Dog into a Footman, Major the Horse into a Coachman, a Pumpkin into the Carriage, and Transforms her Torn Dress into a Beautiful Silver/Blue Gown with Glass Slippers.


It annoys me when Cinderella is called weak or submissive, to actually have hope and kindness in you when the world seems so cruel and hopeless is a pretty strong thing to have. Rant over ;

Day 26:  Probbbbably Cinderella...I really liked her when I was little.

My favorite Disney Princess is and always will be Cinderella. I learned from that movie that you should never look back. If Cinderella looked back and got her shoe.she would have never become a princess

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Cinderella, Glass Slipper: A reminder that the magical night was real. And furthermore, a link to the dazzling future.

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Disney Facts You Haven’t Fully Processed. Cinderella’s last name is probably Tremaine (when her stepmother married her father, she became Lady Tremaine).