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Il manuale di nonna papera

Il manuale di nonna papera

jumping in the puddles ... or, when they were frozen, trying to crack the ice on every one!


DONE :) August 2012 :) It's fun to play in the rain! (We're sweet but we're not made out of sugar - we won't melt if we go out and play in the rain! Enjoy it!

make mudpies. jump in puddles. climb trees, lie in the grass, dream big, build a fort, run barefoot, slay dragons, play in the rain, reach for the stars, imagine, tread gently, sleep soundly.

Make mudpies Jump in puddles Climb trees Life in the grass Dream big Build a fort Run barefoot Slay dragons Play in the rain Reach for the stars Imagine Tread gently Sleep soundly

Awesome photo ideas for boys (could make some alterations for girls, too!) These are great!

"Who didn't love making secret forts out of things like blankets and couch cushions? I loved that as a kid. In fact, there are days when I would still like to go make one and hide away in my secret fort.

This song always reminds me of Christmas and having Santa. They only get the magic for a few short years. Our kids believe that Santa delivers presents to help celebrate Jesus' birthday. It's a win - win. They (& we) get the magic plus we celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. I love that song!

This is so true, Only so small for so long. My baby has grown up way too fast . He is the most perfect 6 year old little boy, I'm very blessed to be his mommy and I'm very thankful to have him in my life everyday!

Russian mother takes INCREDIBLE photos of her children on her farm. Many more in the link. Breathtaking!

Russian Mother Takes Magical Pictures of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm

animal children photography elena shumilova 13 Russian Mother Takes Magical Pictures of Her Two Kids With Animals On Her Farm

Love this...  explaining santa- great :) the best ever way to explain it.

the 12 Pins of Christmas

Great way to explain Santa.Kinda made me tear up a little.I still remember learning the truth and how hard it was, but I never gave up believing in the spirit of Santa. I hope I will remember this for my children someday.

"Give her back to me," I growled at the Elder, Isaac and Ted holding my arms behind my back to restrain me. "We don't have her!" Cried Alexander the Elder, putting up his hands. "Then I will find her, or die trying," I promise.

"Give her back," I whispered hoarsely, "give back the girl who would run along rooftops to try and imagine what wind felt like. She breathed in "Why should I return something that was never yours?

Pit bulls

Top 10 Reasons Tile Coaster

Top Ten Reasons Why You Can't Trust Pit Bulls. Must Read especially for a Pit Bull lover.