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Why is this only a Nerd Girl Confession? As someone who's been told they have a problem from the amount of books they have, I can clearly state that this is a Nerd Everyone Confession.

I give them chocolate

Nerd Girl Problem Not knowing what your not-nerd friends want for birthday, because you're happy just with books

that's my mum's fault, she use to correct my grammar without even thinking about it and now i have picked it up and correct everyone's grammar, *sigh*

And tucked in the tags/bra straps of my friends shirts which annoyed them.but now they appreciate it? (Maybe not constantly :)

I’m The Girl Who Rereads Good Books. (like harry potter and hunger games and Percy Jackson and divergent, etc)

That's because good books deserve to be reread.-Sometimes I just reread my favorite sections.

Paperbacks vs. hardcovers

Not a nerd girl problem. A book fan problem because I know a ton of female and male nerds that hate reading they completely hate it

Spongebob will always be my bestie

If only I had a machine to turn fictional characters into real people! I'd make Adam Reed, Xander Spence, Caymen Meyers, Gus Waters, and Hazel Grace real