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papyrus, sans, undertale, frisk

Undertale Sans, Frisk and Papyrus. Frisk you just crossed a line that you shouldn't cross


why do they look so uncomfortable. why do they look like leave them be

undertale, sans, frisk:

undertale, sans, frisk<<< No matter what, he has to laugh at a PUNNY pun.

Steven universe on omega-flowey..

The true ending (and opening) by watermelonium Source: frisk vs omega flowey - oh my gosh! frisk and steven universe XD I should have done when I fought against it

Why flowey had a hard time recognizing frisk from chara

Why flowey had a hard time recognizing frisk from chara

Me too frisk me too

undertale<<<<reminds me a of a story about toys.<< yeah, same here. XD<< Frisk in the background tho xD

stevenuniverse, undertale, papyrus, sans

LOL. Look at this

And he just sat there and let them draw on his face>>Pap and undyne are gonna have a BAD TIME

papyrus, sans, undertale, undertag, funny Papyrus its just a magic trick

Frisk :: Sans :: Undertale персонажи :: Undertale :: Undertale комикс…<<<T-That did not go as planned