Let's also mention the fact that William Sherlock Scott Holmes DOES NOT EXIST! That name is not canon and I'd love to punch the idiot that started it. His name is, and has never been more than, SHERLOCK HOLMES. Do your research, you sheep.

In Britain the first thing we learn is how to take care of a cup of tea! Then we learn to walk and talk!

"Mrs Hudson becomes their Mycroft! Sally is Anderson!!" MAKE THIS A THING!

"Mrs Hudson becomes their Mycroft! Sally is Anderson! << That sounds awesome! i prefer if it is irene who is their moriarty ♥

"Shame on you, John!" "Shame on me?!" "Mrs. Hudson LEAVE Baker Street? England would FALL."

Sherlock: "You bring me tea in the morning? Hudson: " Well, where did you think it came from?" Sherlock: "I don't know, just thought it sort of." When you realize Sherlock is just like any other man.

You go, Mrs. Hudson.

I loved how protective Sherlock was over her when she was being held captive. Do not mess with his "not" house keeper! ( sorry but you spelt Hudson wrong.

John's face

I love how in this scene Sherlock just can't seem to figure out why no cabbie would pick up a bloody, harpoon wielding man. I also like the look of horror on John's face when he first sees Sherlock like this