Graham McTavish.....

"The Hobbit: Part 1" Press Conference

Graham McTavish who plays Dwalin in the movie, speaks to the media during a press conference for "The Hobbit: Part at the Park Road Post .

Silver Screen Surroundings: Outlander S1E5 - #Outlander #Starz

Silver Screen Surroundings: Outlander - "The Rent" plus, visiting a wattle house - Linda Merrill

Jenny Fraser Murray (Laura Donnelly)

Janet "Jenny" Fraser Murray, born in is the second child of Brian and Ellen Fraser.


“ Spontaneous red carpet kilt fling pt 2 (still better legs than anyone) ” Gotta keep warm!

"Armed with sheer grit & enduring strength, Jamie is a strapping young Scottish Highlander with a complicated past & a disarming sense of humor. Intelligent, principled & by 18th century standards, educated & worldly, Jamie has a tenderness & compassion that stand out in contrast to his contemporaries. A natural leader of men, he has no political ambitions or desire for battlefield glories. Instead he wishes to remove the price on his head & return to his family’s ancestral farm." (Wiki…

Yes, Jamie and his kilt - I think I like those kilts even more then armour indeed! - Sam Heughan as highlander "Jamie Fraser". Outlander TV series, D. By Ronald D.