Hagrid by Maud Bihan

Here is the first part of the Harry Potter series completed ! In the end, there will be 10 illustrations

Hagrid and baby Harry by Cory Loftis . Sucker Punch by Raul Trevino, who is looking for commissions .

Harry Potter - Brock Weaver

Brock Weaver has also designed book covers for HP but using a more detailed effect to catch peoples attention with the use of imagery and colour

lulusketches: “Hagrid going back to Hogwarts after the war, and Harry taking him to Diagon Alley to return the favor :) ”

Say hello to what a Harry Potter animated series, graphic novel or cartoon might look like.

Voldemort is fabulous

Voldemort the Fabolous

Harry Potter.  The books that got me reading for pleasure again after burning out on books during college.

Harry Potter book covers by Mary GrandPré, original American editions--- and this is why I love the original bookcovers so much