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Kevin Sloan

Kevin Sloan

Metaphorical Realism Painting by Kevin Sloan. |FunPalStudio| Art, Artist, Artwork, Illustrations, Entertainment, beautiful, creativity, paintings, drawings, vibrant color,nature, animals.

archival pigment print 2014 Printmaking ""The Satisfied Hare", Limited Edition Print of LARGE SIZE, 32 sold"

Eightball_30x24 by Kevin Sloan

Kevin Sloan’s paintings place birds in in a fantastical, but real contemporary world.

lvory billed woodpecker - Allegorical Paintings by Kevin Sloan | Art and Design

Allegorical Paintings by Kevin Sloan

Angel With Tangelo by Kevin Sloan

Archival pigment print 2012 Printmaking ""Angel With Tangelo", Limited Edition Print"