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La natura colorata di Michael McGillis

Design Sponge - Artist Michael McGillis created this purple log installation at an outdoor park in Minnesota

Artist Andres Amador carves intricate artworks in the sand – only for them to be washed away by the sea just hours later. He uses Google earth to pick out the best location for his designs - some spanning 300 by 500 ft.

Tide waits for no man: The amazing beach artist who starts every day with a new canvas

San Francisco-area based landscape artist Andres Amador creates amazing large-scale sand paintings on beaches using only a rake and some help from volunteers.

Cornelia Konrads - levitation via Kerri

dawnawakened: “ Gravity-Defying Land Art by Cornelia Konrads German artist Cornelia Konrads creates mind-bending site-specific installations in public spaces, sculpture parks and private gardens.

stone sculpture  Saw many similar to this in Alaska and bought two small models, one glass, one rocks.  MUST try it.

life is so fun.anywhere you are, just be creative and enjoy life. Love thse stacked stones for my garden.


Mark Hall Sculpture in the Modern Artists Gallery. "Mark Hall sculpture is collected worldwide and his installation work is referred to as 'seamless cutting edge contemporary art'." seen at: image.

I need a guide: andy goldsworthy

The Natural Canvas British artist Andy Goldsworthy does not just make sculptures about nature, but makes them from natural elements that he finds. Materials commonly found in his work include leaves,.

stick path - andy goldsworthy                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Andy Goldsworthy: the beauty of creation

Skin2 by Mehmet Ali Uysal: a gigantic clothes peg pinching a grassy hill, reminding us that "we walk on skin that is called planet Earth".

Sculpture by Turkish artist Mehmet Ali Uysal in Chaudfontaine Park, Liege, Belgium. A giant clothespin sculpture appears to be holding on to a mound of dirt.

Listen... by Olga Ziemska Plaster hand casts and locally reclaimed birch logs Oronsko, Poland, 2003

Amazingly Creative Examples of Environmental Art

12 Amazingly Creative Examples of Environmental Art - My Modern Met: Listen. by Olga Ziemska Plaster hand casts and locally reclaimed birch logs Oronsko, Poland, 2003


Colorful Origami Street Art Installations by Mademoiselle Maurice. The Saint-Maurice cathedral was adorned with two installations—a geometric pattern on the front gate and a rainbow of origami on the front steps.

garden sculpture, art for outside, school sculpture

"Three Rectangles" Garden Sculpture by Paul Margetts. garden sculpture, art for outside, school sculpture

Spencer Byles - Forest Sculptor

Spencer Byles - Forest Sculptor“ This project represents my experiences throughout a twelve month period exploring the back regions of three unmanaged local forests making on site sculptures.