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Pride & prejudice

I'm not sure I can spare 6 hours of my life to watch the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. Said no woman, ever. -- I spent about 3 watching "Lost in Austen"

The juicy details on how we read Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

The juicy details on your digital reading

hahahaha! Him or Captain Wentworth. :)

The Austenite Prayer: Lord, grant me the good sense of Elinor, the patience of Anne, and the wit of Elizabeth. But mostly, please grant Mr Darcy.

EXACTLY!! Pride and Prejudice needs to be in the required reading list for high school and/or college.

Why the hell did none of my teachers ever assign Pride and Prejudice as a book to read in high school? Has anyone ever noticed that they usually ONLY assign books that guys would usually like?

And with the help of Lady Catherine.

Jennifer Ehle (as Miss Bennet) and David Bamber (as Mr. Collins) ~ "Pride And Prejudice" (BBC,

Yes, please!

Jane Austen prayer "Though I wouldn't mind Edward Ferrars or Frederick Wentworth if Darcy isn't granted haha! Or if I can't have an Austen man, I wouldn't mind Mr. Thornton" Amen to that!

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Jane Austen: Giving women unrealistic expectations since 1811.

Jane Austen: Giving women unrealistic expectations since Always hoping to find Mr Darcy.

A clear infographic on "Pride and Prejudice"  Also by Tweetspeak Poetry, check these Pride & Prejudice poems, etc. (we surmise)  A Red, Red Rose. Robert Burns  Tintern Abbey. William Wordsworth  Sonnet 116. William Shakespeare  The Faerie Queene, Dedicatory Sonnets. Edmund Spenser  The Flea. John Donne  The Rape of the Lock. Alexander Pope  A Modest Proposal. Jonathan Swift

The next issue of The Write Life Mag is the Jane Austen issue! Here's a Guide to Pride and Prejudice [Infographic]

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