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book and quill

- They also have pen nibs called crow quills which are very very fine and small. They do lovely handwriting or drawing if you are inclined to do pen and ink drawing. Our teacher made us learn to use crow quills rather than felt tipped pens.

How to Make a Feather Pen (using a real feather and no ink well)

How to Make a Feather Pen

Anton Pieck Christmas Carol - Google zoeken

“It’s I, your uncle Scrooge. I have come to dinner. Will you let me in, Fred?” - A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, Arthur Rackham, 1915

'Quill pen and ink bottle on old letter' quoted by previous pinner • I apologise for those unintentionally confronting words in the letters I have written to a flame, it's called the poison pen, you know who you are babe •  • I apologise for... • riawati

Beautiful letter in calligraphy, antique bottle and quill pen. I have this ink well!


“He had thought, no doubt, from the day he was born, much more than he had acted; except indeed that he remembered thoughts& few of them& at the moment of their coming to him had thrilled him almost like adventures.” ― Henry James, The Wings of the Dove

Antique Apothecary Jars

Create old labels for bottles that we dirty up and make look old. Don't use the cheesy ones, go into a site like the Graphic Fairy and pull authentic labels