tutorial on how to ~~ change color quickly with no tails.  ༺✿ƬⱤღ✿༻

Tutorial on how to change color quickly with no tails. How I hate both (changing colour and tails that is)

Avoid the struggles and frustrations of double crochet with these handy instructions. We will demystify double crochet for beginners so you can master the stitch.

How to Double Crochet for Beginners: Free Tutorial

Best pictorial on what to change to fix those dc edge fails- seriously so helpful! My double always just "works-out" now I know how to do it correctly instead of crossing my fingers!

Pattern Stitch - Waffle Stitch...step by step instuctions for this stitch

Suburban Jubilee: Waffle Crotchet Tutorial - From Blankets to Dishcloths instructions are in British crochet terms-different than American terms.

Invisible Crochet Joining

7 Ways to Join Granny Squares

A Better Granny Rectangle. Brilliant way of starting off - crochet tutorial with pictures and diagrams.

A Better Granny Rectangle

A Better Granny Rectangle crochet tutorial. Also check out the link to her earlier granny rectangle. They're both pretty.

Baking Outside the Box: pt 1 'The Lost Granny Squares' , joining tutorial roundup.

12 Ways to Join Granny Squares

Cool way to join Granny Squares. Granny square joining tutorial Very interesting another way to join squares.

crochet sunflower granny square

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