Do you have entrepreneur DNA? #infografia #infographic

Do you have entrepreneur DNA? #infografia #infographic

#Entrepreneur: I sacrifice. I work hard. I work smart. I am a professional. I am building my empire. I am the master of my destiny. #entrepreneurship

I am Prosperity Abundance filled w/ GRATITUDE. I am blessed with divine financial abundance in my future. A very large sum of money is heading my way right now. Infinite riches are flowing to me easily and effortlessly.

Entrepreneurship - it doesn't stop at realizing your company's strengths, it actually then begins at recognizing what your company needs to stand out based on learning and observing its surroundings.

As entrepreneurs we must continue to ask ourselves 'what's next?' It takes humility to realize we don't know everything, not to rest on our laurels and know that we must keep learning and observing -Cher Wang

5 Stern Truths You Need to Know Before Becoming an Entrepreneur

5 Stern Truths You Need to Know Before Becoming an

#Entrepreneurial #Quotes

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What does Marketing and Business Development do?

It's all in the marketing. Marketing is how organizations and companies get their audience to buy into their products and ideas. Flirting is how men and women get a love interest to buy into the idea of being with him or her.