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Persona 5- Response

Persona 5 / #anime

Omg Yusuke and Ryuji ><

[Persona 5] Futaba Sakura: r/gaming as a JRPG character

Futaba Sakura: r/gaming as a JRPG character. I love how she responds to everyone, but when her and yusuke are talking it always cracks me up

Compliments by Reikiwie

xD ~ Akira Protagonist Ryuji Sakamoto Persona 5 gaming and nerd stuff Games Anime Manga

This is your spine. WTF PUT IT BACK

This is your spine. WTF PUT IT BACK

This is adorable :) >>and hilarious af, I'm totally including this in my story if I ever write one XD

pitched an AU where both Akira and Shiho spend their senior year in Inaba and I’m all over it (her initial comic and yyormgen’s are way cute )

I died of love with this vine Morty, my baby, also does this often and couldn't help it but imagine to Blake making that "cativation" noise while Yang...well, dies   (I started to draw th...

As much as I don't want these two shipped. I think their relationship is very healthy. Blake activation~ by yuri-murasaki