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The end of one story is the beginning of another

Haechan / Lee Donghyuck (main: salty rude weeb ass granny stan, don't touch me

Johnny is obviously talented

So like I think he's my 127 bias b/c he was my ult NCT bias but Jisung totally bias wrecked me so he's my ult now but idk if I even have biases for the other units ehhhhhhh

Moon Taeil (문태일) ♥

Moon Taeil (문태일) ♥ the picture is slightly odd but its aesthetic af so



W H I P L A S H WinWin

When in real life he's so silly and cute and dorkable~ so sexy looking tho, oh Winwin


NCT U☆ Out of the billion of stars, you are the brightest ☆