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Isabel is a teacher who always discusses feminism and equality with her students. It's attitudes like yours that raise awareness and change the world.

Something everyone needs to remember. We're all different and that's what makes us beautiful. No one should feel ashamed of being themselves. This is what feminism is about  Carol Rossitti

Translated by me and Monica Odom [image text] Some people doubted that Vicky had been abused, saying that she didn’t look “traumatized enough.” Vicky, nobody has the right to dictate the way you deal.

Female Empowerment Illustrations

Translated by Sarah Nader[image text] Lydia loves wearing mini skirts, but her boyfriend always asks her to change into something more conservative. Lydia thought it better to change company and hang out with people who won& judge her style instead.

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Translated by Sarah Nader [imagem text] Despite being pressured to do a c-section, Fernanda decided to give birth naturally. Fernanda, this is a personal choice. Neither option makes you less of a woman or a mother.

Resultado de imagem para obra de carol rossetti

Resultado de imagem para obra de carol rossetti

Carol Rossetti art

Images of Empowerment: Artist Carol Rossetti Challenges Sexism and Affirms Women’s Many Identities

Carol Rossetti art. Finally someone has put words to my feelings!

Graphic Designer, illustrator, feminist, artist and chocolate lover.

These inspirational illustrations by Carol Rossetti are AMAZING  - Cosmopolitan.co.uk

These inspirational illustrations are AMAZING

"Babi is seven years old. Her parents found it a bit odd that she chose to take karate instead of ballet. Babi, gender conventions should never limit your identity. You can do whatever you want!" Image by Carol Rossetti.