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Harry Potter Alternate Storyline - Tri-Wizard Champion So sad yet so beautiful. I wish JK would just give Slytherins more insight views and stories (not that I’m complaining her work, but I really wanna read some Slytherin stories)


I'll always be a fan of Dramione. Seriously, the whole "inter-house unity" bit throughout the books and umm. you don't get a major character pairing between Slytherin and Gryffindor? Anyway, thought you'd like this.

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It's impossible JK Rowling just managed to think of all the connections that we keep finding. It just doesn't end This fandom is incredible

Harry Potter lightning scar. This is an amazingly awesome headcanon! I like this better then the lightning bolt symbol. (art by burdge via tumblr)

This is an amazingly awesome headcanon! I like this… although the scar is not a lightning bolt, though it looks like that. It is the wand movement for Avada kedavra.

Ram hablando de Laban

I liked Draco from the first time I saw him in the movie Because really, he was trying to be nice at first, but Ron made fun of his name. And I like his mom too.his dad is a bit of an ass.but overall the Malfoy family is my favourite.

I like how when Dan dose it back to Tom. Toms like what are you doing you crazy person

I like how when Dan does it back to Tom, Tom's like what are you doing you crazy person<< Somebody commented "Dan and Tom being best friends as Draco and Harry is my happiness".