Singer Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009), posing during a break at his concert in Nassau Coliseum, NY, 1980. (Photo by Andy Freeberg/Getty Images)

Singer Michael Jackson - posing during a break at his concert in Nassau Coliseum, NY, (Photo by Andy Freeberg/Getty Images)

Mickey Mouse welcomes Michael Jackson. Back in the early if you worked at Disney Parks, and did not see Michael Jackson, you weren't paying attention.

The Jacksons - Tito Jackson,  Michael Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Randy Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, and Marlon Jackson.

The Jacksons - Tito Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson, Marlon Jackson and little Randy Jackson

MICHAEL JACKSON || Desert Lily Vintage

K-Neverland on

Wallpaper and background photos of "Off the Wall" era for fans of Michael Jackson images.

He was so stinking cute! When I hear "Ben" I know it's about a mouse and yet I tear up.

The Transformation of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

Hot Men of Yore

MJ: shirt open, bell bottoms, belt buckle, and afro shaped with precision!

Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, Marlon Jackson, and Jackie Jackson.

1969 – The Jackson 5 got their first* national television debut in U. on the ABC-TV show Hollywood Palace Special when Diana Ross introduced them.

He's just...unique

Michael Jackson 'Bad' Doll by Triumph International Okay, I was an adult when this came out, but MJ was a big figure in my youth.