1950s bathroom w/pink and gray color.... love the anchors

bathrooms--Totally reminds me of our house when we first moved in, but me had the mint green going, as well.

1950s kitchenette

Vintage Kitchen Larder Cupboard Cabinet Kitchenette, Solid wood Manufactured in Romford by Blue Gate Products." -Rj This would be great as a kitchen coffee bar!

It's called a cinderella tub and I need one!!!

Alice's cinderella bathtub

Pink, Grey & Aqua FAB

Pink and chocolate vintage bathroom: mid-century bathrooms looked similar to those dating back to the

TIME CAPSULE 1950s bathroom from Fullerton, CA.

A fully intact vintage pink bathroom in a Fullerton, California home. With lots of crazy pink floral wallpaper. Pink tile counter tops and white tub and sink.