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"The Walking Dead" by Francesco Colafella

RIP Beth The last thing she said to him was: I'm not gonna leave you!

Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes & Beth Greene stood out in The Walking Dead Season defining moments!

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the walking dead - Rick and Daryl

Walking dead blanket!

The Walking Dead Throw Blanket

Daryl Dixon - The man, the myth, the fuckin' legend! - The Walking Dead #gc

Daryl Dixon - The man, the myth, the fuckin' legend! - The Walking Dead

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I need to pay closer attention and notice the people that have "turned". Very…

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Oh. Norman.

"Why would Daryl choose a motorcycle? Wouldn't it attract the walkers?it's efficient on gas.and Daryl don't give a FUCK!" ~ Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead

Eye am never stopping!!

Eye am never stopping!

Daryl Dixon "Indifference"

Zombies, the living dead

Artist @uminga720

chrisuminga: “Drew some Walking Dead characters using my iPad Pro and Procreate ”

Am I the only one who was waiting for him to tell everyone who the governor really is and what he done? Things like have turned out better.

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The Governor: "I got more people, more fire power." Rick Grimes: "There are children here some of them are sick." ■ Season 4 Episode 8 □ Too Far Gone

Yeah, except Lori is not and never will be important.

The Walking Dead Deaths. :( Some of these nearly brought tears to my eyes - Lori, Merle, Sophia, and Hershel.

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The Walking Dead - Nick Morrison