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Le "Quoi, nan mais sérieux ?"

Le "Quoi, nan mais sérieux ?"

Yes, Kristen Stewart Can Make More Than 1 Face: Kristen Stewart gets a bad rap in some corners of the Internet for her alleged inability to make more than one facial expression.

Kristen Stewart
I love her in twilight, but one of my faves was hr playing Joan Jett in the runaways...film rocked!

Celebrity Photo Booth, Part II by Yu Tsai

Kristen Stewart- See? She can actually do things with her face. What I want to understand is how she ends up looking so clay faced in her movies. Editor conspiracy to make her look like a drone?

Pinning this just for all the people who say she can't smile; Kristen Stewart has plenty of facial expressions!

Elena on

I have always loved Kristen and Twilight and I'm so happy someone finally made something like this.

No one hates Twilight more than than the Twilight cast.

Even Kristen hates it.<<<<And the guy who plays Edward (don't murder me I don't know his name)

Kristen Stewart -- Aww, she looks really nice here.

Sadly, Kristen wont be attending Coachella this weekend. She will be celebrating her birthday weekend in New Orleans, her new movie location!

One Direction and Disney Mash-Up | Cambio Photo Gallery

One Direction and Disney Mash-Up

I loved Kristen Stewart when she was with Robert Pattinson but after the cheating incident.

lol bella was most def a a reincarnation of grumpy

I don't know why, but this is hilarious to me! grumpy cat is made into kristen stewart.Tap the link to check out great cat products we have for your little feline friend!

Kristen Stewart

Do Movie Critics Still Matter?

Kristen Stewart Outside Her Hotel in Paris for Fashion Week - July 2013

I personally believe that her and Rob Pattinson are two totally competent actors who got together & decided to portray their characters in Twilight with total accuracy - ie as individuals with less personality than cinder blocks. You go, Kristen Stewart.