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Someone paused at exactly the right time to capture one of my favorite parts.

Someone paused at exactly the right time to capture one of my favorite parts.<<<<One of the best parts in Civil War

It's so dark in the movie that you really can't see all of the Winter Soldier's face (bless whoever lightened this gif up!). However, this is Seb's Winter Soldier face: expressionless and cold. His brainwashed face to be exact.This is the first time we see his face unmasked on a mission since he lost his mask. And yet, the shadows still serve as a mask. He remains a ghost, his identity hidden in the darkness. I have no doubt that he knows exactly where to sit so the shadows conceal his…

Either way, when he would watch her open her cupboard, pull out a glass, then decide against it, he would be happy he was there. Until he heard his voice. This man he didn't know.

Sebastian Stan as Bucky BARNES

So confused of why his arm is weighed down, and then when Steve talks to him in that stern voice he knew what had happened.

All these years later and he still has the same adorable smile

Oh my god baby Sebastian ✪ Stan had that half smile too- how cute is that!♡ Seb looks like Jake Johnson as Nick Miller from New Girl here!

He's just sksodoowndospqpaksjos argh perfection

marvelheroes: “ Sebastian Stan photographed for “August Man” Malaysia’s April 2016 issue.


“He did things in ‘Winter Soldier’ that blew us away, finding a way to put forth a complex character even though he didn’t have many opportunities to speak” .