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What did the coffee cup say to the coffee pot?  I feel so empty without you.

I know how this little cup feels. I always feel empty without coffee in my life I know the feeling ~Eric~

50 #Witty Mugs to Have Your #Morning Coffee or Tea in ...

50 #Witty Mugs to Have Your #Morning Coffee or Tea in ...

Writing out your guts

An entry from LOVE

Best way to start the day. Writing notes in a REAL journal. Pen and paper. The best way to get things out!

Coffee solves everything!

A good night’s rest can make you feel energized… Oh sorry, that’s coffee.

☕ hello darkness my old friend.  coffee

"Hello darkness my old friend" Nine inch Nails song lyrics (Johnny cash did a great cover of this song) on this kitchen wall art print!

Coffee, Coffee & Coffee!!

Kitchen Decor Themes

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