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HAHAAA I love Tyrone AND days off (even tho I don't mind being at work now).

If you only knew . . . most common question I get asked: "When will the doctor come see me?" Um, tomorrow or never, lol.

The doctor will be with you in a minute. Two nurses having a good time while we await the doctor :)

Still feel this way about Chrissy leaving :( lol

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Scumbag Steve postal customer

Trump "Mexico and China are stealing U. jobs" Entire clothing line of suits, ties, cufflinks are Made in Mexico, China and India - Scumbag Steve


21 Struggles Everyone Who's Worked As A Cashier Will Recognize - It is terrible how true these are. Be nice to your cashiers and don't do these things.

0 to 100 quick

When you're practicing peaceful, gentle parenting, but can get ghetto on their little asses with the quickness.

Another show I miss! In Living Color! LOVED Fire Marshall Bill!! Jim Carrey at his finest!

Fire Marshall Bill was a regular on "In Living Color". He was played by Jim Carrey. Fire Marshall Bill in National Fire Safety Week Jim


I feel a little bad for thinking this is so funny. But this is so funny!