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bird house/shelter made with an old shoe. / Casetta per gli uccellini. Casa o scarpa? Ho prorpio un paio di scarponi da buttare...

Bird House using an old shoe.a license plate would be cute for the roof. Funny no self respecting bird would go near my brothers old shoes

succulents in old work boots

Use old boots for planters. Instead of throwing old work boots away they can be recycled, decorated and used as garden planters. Would save money and add interest to the garden. A great idea!

An easy to make, simple nest box for sparrows, that’s made from a pair of old boots and a couple of pallet planks.


Sparrow Nest Box From Old Boots And Pallets ~ Build this sparrow nest box out of old boots and pallet wood. An easy to make, simple nest box that’s made from free materials. With Step-by-Step Instructions.

Terra Cotta Pots Bird Condos

Three story birdhouse from terracotta pots❗️Clay pots get hot in summer❗️I would. paint these white . and put these in the shade so the baby birds won't get too hot❗️

10 Delightful DIY Birdhouses

10 Delightful DIY Birdhouses

Shoe Feeder - 23 DIY Birdfeeders That Will Fill Your Garden With Birds share the love of bird watching with a loved one or friend when you nail an old boot to a tree Mama will build her nest to keep her wee ones cozy warm and out of the cold.Love this.

I  have teapots I bought to hang as bird houses  I like this idea better with an old door from dresserteapot bird house, so cute! could probably get everything you need from garage sales :)

ETCETERAS: For the Birds {12 Unique DIY Birdhouses}

ROBINS NESTING PLACE: New Teapot Birdhouse.an old drawer, a teapot. Wonder if the local hummingbirds and wrens might use it or if too big?

Es lebe die rot, weiß und blau! Bemalte & gequält Recycling grobe Zeder. Zaunkönige lieben besonders diese Häuser. Auch eine große Legenestern Chickadees, Finken, Kleiber und Meisenpärchens.    Jedes Primitive Woodworks Vogelhaus ist One of a Kind, weil ich Recycling Zaun oder Stall Holz verwenden. Einige Stücke haben Nagel oder Schraube aus früheren Verwendung. Keine zwei sind identisch. Die Unzulänglichkeiten des Holzes wird jeweils Zeichen hinzufügen!    Kaffee kann für sauber- oder Er...

Coffee Can Birdhouse, Bird House, Rustic Birdhouse, Recycled Weathered Rough Cedar - Painted Red White Blue