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Tooth Brushing Chart

Head on over to the Love Your Teeth website! They are giving out FREE personalized Tooth Brushing Charts for children! Simply enter your child's name name into

Help your child feel more comfortable visiting the dentist with this fun craft!

Happy and Sad Teeth Collage

Do as a class on the board! Ask what tooth the students think it should go on the healthy/ happy tooth or the sad tooth Happy tooth, Sad tooth collage. Great for Dental Health Month in February, as part of a Healthy Me theme.

Esas cosas que se nos podrían ocurrir a todos pero sólo se les pasa por la cabeza a unos pocos.

Funny pictures about Dentist Waiting Room. Oh, and cool pics about Dentist Waiting Room. Also, Dentist Waiting Room photos.

Nutrition & Oral Health:The Root of it All

Nutrition and Oral Health Infographic. Keep your teeth healthy by avoiding sweets. Make sure to get dental check ups twice a year to avoid oral issues that could lead to other complications.

Dentist game.  www.dentalposterart.com

Vintage dental poster, from your pediatric dentist locator, Dentists 4 Kids.

10 Tricks for Teaching Dental Health to Kids (a really good read especially if you think you have heard/ read it all)

10 Tricks for Teaching Dental Health to Kids (from a Dental Hygeinist):

Want some inside tricks on teaching your kids proper dental health? Hopefully after reading these 10 ideas you won't have to visit the dentist as often!

Taking Care of Tiny Teeth-Tips and Free Printable Teeth Care Charts | How Does She...

Taking Care of Tiny Teeth-Tips and Free Printable Teeth Care Charts

Taking Care of Tiny Teeth-Tips and Free Printable Teeth Care Charts. Healthy teeth last a lifetime. These are some great tips for taking care of baby and toddler teeth.

Dental Health Tips: How to Care for Your Teeth When Pregnant

Check out our dental infographic to learn quick and easy tips for dental health and be sure to share it with other first time moms, friends, and family.

Healing cavities with oil-pulling (graphic from: http://www.webmd.com/oral-health/picture-of-the-teeth )

Healing Cavities (A True "We've-Done-It!" Story

TEETH ARE AMAZINGLY STRONG, but they can't repair themselves. However, with proper care and protection they can last a lifetime!

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Why it is good to put a space maintainer in after extraction - Teeth can move!

This is what happens when you do not replace missing teeth in a timely manner. And why space maintainers are needed in younger patients.