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Phantom of the Opera Valentine! If someone gave me this I would definitely marry them

Happy Valentine's Day my Angel of Music

Pika-la-Cynique: Girls Next Door, a Phantom of the Opera/Labyrinth/etc etc crossover comic where Sarah and Christine live together next door to Jareth and Erik.  Yes.

GND Valentine - Erik by *Pika-la-Cynique Ah, once again, this proves i am not the only crazy Phantom lover out there. Take that, hopeless Twilight fans.

Everybody loves Gerard Butler by julitka on DeviantArt

Butler - probably one and only actor who played the Phantom prettier even than Christine. first idea that came to my mind after watching "Phantom" . Everybody loves Gerard Butler


Phantom of the opera funny

HAHAHAHa phantom of the opera and Christmas

Love Changes Everything Lyrics

Phantom of the Opera is here! -- Musicals, Phantom of the Opera, funny meme…

Haha Yeah. Boo! We want Phantom/Christine =)

Phantom/Christine is just. yes but I love Christine/Raoul too

haha, his face -- lol, I've always loved these

Just Phantom of the Opera things.


I cried when we watched in the school and everybody else hated it and didn't get it and they really satrted telling why that movie was so bad. It was horrible, because Phantom of the Opera changed my life, I saw it when I was little and still love it.

This is kinda an off day for me. This doesn't normally happen.

oh my gosh Tangled meets Phantom of the Opera. *dies in peace*

Well no wonder Christine thought it was her father at first.

"I'm secretly hoping that Phantom of the opera will come through my mirror and bring me to his lair.. ❤️"

"I'm secretly hoping that Phantom of the opera will come through my mirror and bring me to his lair. ❤️" omg I think this every day before I go to bed as well having the urge to sing 😂

I laughed a lot harder at this than I should have.

Funny thing is, I have to sing the original of this song every time I audition for this one group's shows.


even though 2004 movie sucks

Opera, Opera House

Lying Delilah by *Muirin007 on deviantART

Lying Delilah by on deviantART The Phantom of the Opera

Hmmmm.... but if you're in a room filled with music major vocalists, they'll all do it.

phantom the right guy phantom of the opera