button flowers in a salt shaker lilybean's paperie

Button Bouquet Flowers in Bead Filled Vintage Salt Shaker- so sweet! Could use sentimental buttons, salt &/or pepper shaker to make it even more special!

Make waves with an arrangement set in a seashell. The trick is to fit a piece of floral foam inside the shell so the flowers do not move.

Fabulous Wedding Centerpieces That Will Take Your Breath Away

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Stylish Storage Boxes with Labels

Mother's Day Flowers Scalloped Bouquet Wrapper Here's a simple way to replace the standard wrapping from a florist with something prettier and more personal.

If you are like me, you don't throw anything away without taking off the buttons. The trouble with that is you end up with lots of buttons, but...

Button craft project ideas for kids and adults. Art and craft ideas using buttons. Find crafts to do with vintage buttons. Make creative bracelets using buttons.

Button crafts

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