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Explain A Film Plot Badly

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Funny pictures about The Wonderful Power Of Makeup. Oh, and cool pics about The Wonderful Power Of Makeup. Also, The Wonderful Power Of Makeup photos.

Funny cat tweets

Geez even cat people seem to ruin all odds of me thinking cats are cool

Thisbis the FUNNIEST thing I've ever read!I think I'm dog . with some seriously heavy cat moments thrown in to make me appreciate how good the dog moments are :D - *divebombedintostardust*

Or another dumbass 45 minute hallway conversation with the boss after I was already struggling my way to the potty when he stopped me to ask how thing were progressing on a worthless project that I had been delaying. I'm sure I have bladder damage now.

7 Pun Dog Puns That Will Instantly Brighten Your Day!I don't know why I find this sooo funny haha

Artist Turns Everyday Sayings Into Clever Pun Illustrations