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Rabbit Cage: Storage cubes, zip ties, PVC pipes to stabilize the shelves. boards to help stabilize the height of the cage. The shelves are plywood that have been varnished (so no accidents get absorbed), covered in towels secured with binder clips.

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I think it would be a great idea to get a thread going with pics of everyones bunny condos/living area/room where there bunny lives. I think this would be great to do for people who need new ideas for there bunny condo or just for p.

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Marshall Ferret Play Pens with Red Mat Cover

Marshall Ferret Play Pens with Red Mat Cover

Marshal Ferret Playpens give your small pet room to run without giving him run of the house. Makes it easy for you to interact and gives your pet its needed exercise without fear of losing him under t

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Indoor Rabbit Bunny Condo cage, HANDMADE, pen home hutch carpeted NEW

Rabbit cage Indoor BUNNY CONDO, deluxe hutch, pet pen large smooth & soft floors in Pet Supplies, Small Animal Supplies, Cages & Enclosure

rabbit cage... this is great pic and example too

Besides its size, you should also look at the inside of the house also. Don't worry should youn't have a spare room (I never have), because you're still able to make a terrific free range area.

The lights on the cage is so cute! It's such a cute setup, I wish I could do the loft, but that costs a whole lot more money :(

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