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Deserted City, Kim Høltermand

Eugene Smith - The walk to Paradise Garden - 1946 The photographer's children, Pat and Juanita. The closing image in Edward Steichen's Family of Man exhibition at the MOMA in

A Face or a person standing under the Paris Tower.....Nice effect

An Optical Illusion in Paris. This shot was taken under the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Do you see the face? yes, but there is a picture underneath of a face!

icphoto: No biggie, just a llama in Times Square....

No time to explain. Get in the car. Llama in Times Square, 1957 by Inge Morath

Building the skyscrapers

Skyscraper builder.

A construction worker on a beam high above the building at 40 Wall Street, New York City,

Paris, 1928. Reminds me of Midnight in Paris, which is perhaps one of my top ten favorite movies.

Paris 1928

unknown photographer, paris, 1928 Black and White vintage eiffel tower architecture france

Grand Central Terminal in the 1920's before tall buildings blocked out the light.

Grand Central Terminal (incorrectly labeled as Station.) New York City 1929 Photo by Hal Morey (Image from the NYC Transit Museum)

Senator Hotel, Atlantic City, 1948. Photographed by Nina Leen. Even back then modesty was out the door!

Senator Hotel, Atlantic City, 1948. Photographed by Nina Leen (La Poubelle)


this picture made me think.if I ever have a daughter, I must take a black and white photo of her like the one of Gramma Betty when she was 1 year old sitting on that little chair. So cute!