VFX Tutorial: How to create a sand storm in Blender! - YouTube

In this tutorial, we will learn how to easily create a sandstorm in Blender, as well as how to composite the sandstorm into a shot in After Effects.

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Discover Multiple Tips on Creating great looking Animated Trees using Blenders Sapling Generator! First we create a high poly looking tree, then I go on to s.

I made a short tutorial about making nice looking grass in Blender, which can be rendered with Cycles. It's very easy and result is quite good, so check it out! Hope I didn't forget something impor...

Blender Ernesto Garcia Amazing lens flares by SaphireDesign on deviantART Making grass in Cycles - Tutorial by DeargRuadher Ernesto Garcia Refer: http

Blender 2.77 Edit mode booleans

In this video we take a quick look at the new Blender feature which allows us to perform boolean operations straight in the edit mode!

Learning Blender 4 by ChaosFissure

I am learning Blender, and figure I'd chronicle what I learn in a way that hopefully helps out people who are wishing to learn Blender as well.