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s c e n t e d * f l o w e r s

s c e n t e d * f l o w e r s

Boule de Neige

Boule de Neige, Old Rose. Richly fragrant camellia-like white flowers of exquisite form and silky texture; each about two and a half inches across, held in small clusters.

spring field of flowers

How cute are these wild cosmos flowers? We love flowers and wild flowers are just so cute!

Sweetpea Heaven scent

Sweet Pea Heaven Scent Seeds From Mr Fothergills Seeds

Sweetpea Tiller girls

Sweet Pea Counterpoint Seeds ONLY from Mr Fothergill's Seeds and Plants. Extra frilly 'Spencer' types in cool colours.

Hoa hồng leo Hoàng Bảo 68 Hoa chùm màu vàng cam với sắc hoa quyến rũ - Hình ảnh chụp tại Trang trại Hoa cây cảnh Thăng Long

Hồng Leo bông to

"Spring sunshine, you bring joy to my soul, forgiving of cold, winter nights, gentle but then, so warm to my skin, my wildest dreams take flight." ~ Yoli Fae

St Clare Hospice fund Raising Event at

Beautiful pink dogwoods in bloom. Reminds me of when we lived by Lake Erie. Someone had planted a pink and a white flowering dogwood tree together and over the years it grew to look like one tree.