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My Viking outfit, though I look a bit more like an Irish Chieftain! - Follow my summer stories in Norway at the Lofotr Viking museum; follow the link to read more about my clothing, experimental archaeology and reconstructing ancient atmospheres: http://archaeofox.com/2015/06/08/the-things-we-wear-the-trinkets-we-carry/

'Recreating Ancient Atmospheres in the Chieftain's Longhouse at Borg Northern Norway.

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maybe its just a reenactor thing, but sometimes I can't tell which I find more attractive: the person or their kit.

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I seriously wish I had this to hang on the wall or from my bed. Sigurd slays Fafnir by "An imiation of a Norse stave church portal, done in ink on wood rather than carved"

Icelanders in the Viking Age cover art -----(Viking Blog: elDrakkar.blogspot.com)

Icelanders in the Viking Age The People of the Sagas William R. Short A companion to the Sagas of Icelanders and an introductio.