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~❥ Mamma

Grandma used to always sing/tell me this when I was little. I miss you Mom and Grandma.


sisters (for my Alice and Livi)

Mary Engelbreit Be kind to thy sister...

Mary Engelbreit Be kind to thy sister.

What good fortune it is to grow up in a home where there are grandparents.

So grateful my kids get to experience this with both sets of grandparents. Good Fortune Home Where There Are Grandparents Artwork By Mary Engelbreit

Oh sooooo much!

Twinkle twinkle little Star Do you know how Loved you are?

Holding my daughters for the first time is the only thing that has compared.

I ❤️ my granddaughter Aurora!

Looks just like my Maddie!

- dedicated to my special grandchildren in my heart forever.

Just saying.....

Of A Child's Awesomeness Comes From Their Grandma :) ~ Teach Me Genealogy

Of all the special grandkids there will ever be.....MaKayla, Zachary, Hannah, Jake and Leo!

God gave us both of you and we are so blessed. We love you Maddison and Shayleen. Grandpa and Grandma love you little ones

Grandma's arm's

You never outgrow your grandmothers arms

I am one

Grandmas are Mommies with frosting! (For my cute mommy!

I thought this was pretty funny!

Art Moms Quotes and Sayings

Mother's love

To my daughter Kristi and my son Michael. Love you!

yep...I'm kinda like a grandma to Belle and I'd do anything for her.

Told Grandma. Aiden learned this early! My fault?