The power of a truly great idea can't be understated. With one great idea, you could build a multi-million dollar business. You could solve the world's problems

Idk this just really reminds me of Jack and Singe

And when he was most empty and confused, a soft paw would touch his face, breaking his painful reverie.

"If you're gonna smoke, I'm gonna sit with you."

Boy meets girl, girl meets guy and they fall madly in love. Well, at least that's how we wish things played out. - Bringing Good Beers & Good People Together...: Indeed Brewing Refreshes Brand Identity with Duffy...

Indeed Brewing Company refreshes brand identity with Duffy & Partners


- go night swimming! - (Open rp) Wes) I grin as I swim around on the rooftop pool. It's my apartment building, and I love this. I hear someone else step inside the pool.

Plato's cave allegory meets Detective Comics, Alex Proyas' Dark City is one of the best noir-informed sci-fi movies of the modern age. Wholly original and presented as a complex onion of revelatory layers, the dream state of the characters lends the production an eerie, nightmarish quality. This paranoid, interplanetary mystery gets the comic-book-movie vibe more right than most movies actually based on comic books.   -

The 100 Best Sci-Fi Movies of All Time

Dark City Trailer, great dystopian pre-Matrix movie, a little noir and a lot of cool imagery, new angles, interesting ending.