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Orchid and #Matcha #Macarons - an exotic flavour combination, perfect for your next ‪#‎teaparty‬!
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Once I get the Matcha and Orchid Essence, I'll be making these! SMR, I'll let you know so you can sample.

Orchid and #Matcha #Macarons - an exotic flavour combination, perfect for your next ‪#‎teaparty‬!

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Orchid and #Matcha #Macarons - an exotic flavour combination, perfect for your next ‪#‎teaparty‬!

Manu’s Menu

Orchid and Matcha Macarons

1.5 hour
∙ Serves 15-20
  • 1 Matcha greet tea, powder
  • 1 Food coloring (powder or paste), Purple and red
  • 1 Food colouring (powder or paste, Purple
Baking & Spices
  • 125 1/3 g Almonds or almond meal, ground
  • 206 g Icing sugar, pure
  • 451 3/4 g Icing sugar
  • 59 3/4 g Sugar
  • 249 3/4 g Butter
  • 50 gms – 1.76 oz. egg whites (aged and brought back at room temperature)
  • Orchid essence (to taste)

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