Beautiful Antique Crochet Lace - Ivory Grapes & Leaves. via Etsy.

Beautiful Antique Crochet Lace - Ivory Grapes & Leaves

Vntg Irish Crochet Chrysanthemum Flower Motif Pattern 2 | eBay

Vintage Crochet PATTERN to make Irish Crochet Chrysanthemum Motif Flower Irish2C

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Irish crochet padded motifs ile ilgili görsel sonucu

A chestnut leaf, irish crochet instructions (English and Russian, with clear pictures). Irish motives work so well in freeform.

Letters and Arts of Lala: Irish crochet

use to customize a bag or assemble to each other by a thin sewing or assembly granny linking pins in the last row, in order to make a scarf or other accessory. Here is an example of test patterns and what you can do: