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dismounting with style (Vintage Hill Climber) #motorcycle #motorbike

Okay so without a doubt, this is the single greatest hill climbing photograph I've ever seen. Hell it's probably the greatest motorcycle related photograph.

Modern re-enactor photo - 1944 Royal Enfield "Flying Flea" (designed to be dropped by parachute with airborne troops for WWII)


Photo (Bathwater)


Frame backbone - Engine suspended within hubless designed rim, front wheel drive chopper. Definitely unique, and very intriguingly badass from a mechanical engineering perspective.


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vintage motorcycles | ... vintage motorcycles are those that were built between the wars

Harley-Davidson Pea Shooter

Harley-Davidson Pea Shooter: the lightweight racing ‘Pea Shooters’ had an elegant style that has worn well over the years. These very rapid singles came into being after the AMA launched a cubic inch’ racing class in

Vintage Motorcycle Photograph [HelmetCity Pinterest Contest - One with Nature and the Road] #Helmetcity_Contest HelmetCity.com

Vintage Motorcycle Photograph/ acrobat police officers riding an amazing bike!