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Our kids did not use pencils because the contrast is never great, the texture changes as they write, they always need sharpening, erasing is too distracting, and I can't see their mistakes.

I like the idea of the type of pen listed beneath its spot in Hank's drawer. Or the pen squiggle of a fish in front of the food.

1 october 2016 — this is the periodic table, noble gas is stable, halogens and alkalis react aggressively; each period we’ll see new outer shells and electrons are added moving to the right (if you.

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celines-studyblr: I need to finish this until. celines-studyblr: “I need to finish this until Friday 😁 The printable is from theorganisedstudent 💕 ”

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Hi my name is Fábio and welcome to my studyblr! My new studygram:

Caffeinated Studying — beks-studies: 17 Jan 2016: Psychobiology Sundays

Caffeinated Studying — beks-studies: 17 Jan 2016: Psychobiology Sundays

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// sorry for the lack of (aesth) posts but i'm in the library literally all day everyday now & well, this is the reality of it it's a race against time now for my exams in a weeks time!